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Mesh Wire Bender:  

Will be available soon: Bends up to 60” Wire! Comes disassembled

for easier shipping. Basic model requires two heavy duty saw horses

to mount bender on.

Wire Bender Mounting Legs: Will be available soon:

Hog Ring Gun:

Test Kit: Hanging mortar cube test kit that hangs from tree with

tools attached with string, spray bottle for cleaning, plastic wrap

dispenser, mortar tamper & hanging ice chest that wont tip and dump

samples over.  a must for the serious ferrocement builder.

Shell Supplies:

Until we get our “pay now” links up contact us to place

an order via email.

 Micron 3 – $36.00 per 25# bag plus shipping.  Eucon SPJ - $25.00 Per Gallon.  Forta Ferro Fibers - $3.95 per 2.2 pound bag                                      enough for 7 mixes  Nycon PVA Fibers - $3.95 per 2.2 pound bag, enough for 7                                     mixes. (confirm weights and volume                                     density per mix.)

Composite Construction Materials:

List of materials pending.

Tanks and Related Items:



Solar Panels:



Fish Food:

Safe and Healthy Pet Food and Treats:

Work in Progress. Our Site is a Temporary Mess at the Moment !

Shambhala Village Store

From time to time we will be listing here various items for sale. This is a WIP!

(work in progress, please bear with us and keep coming back)

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