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New Ferrocement Shell Technology – A new frontier for Sustainable Design is now open to explore with this accessible technology. This easy-to-use technology is based in a simple but special high-strength Shell Mix Design; a new builder-friendly Layering Strategy for the reinforcing & shell; an easy Truss Framing Method for smooth & precise shapes; a sturdy Structural Sandwich or Stress-Skin design that provides a broad insulating thickness for large volumes of Recycled Materials, site-available fill or easy-to-place Cellular Concrete; New techniques for Insulated Foundations and Insulated Floors; and it is based in a Monolithic Core Architecture that blends the stress-skin roof, Bell Flared Columns  and the beautiful curvilinear, cantilevered and unbreakable Curled Edge Awning, into one solid piece that can flex to redistribute intense deformation strains without damage. This is because the core monolith is mechanically separate from the Entry Wall Designs that are still anchored well between the columns and sheltered under the awning. This ensures longevity, design adaptability and an unsurpassed stability for earthquake, hurricane and tornado safety.   The garden-supporting awning emphasizes protecting high-production gardens and the management of water (rain runoff) into the supporting terrain and ecology. All the values related to sustainable living are taught, even to the generations of the far future, using simple, elegant and enduring natural form and shelter. Shambhala Village symbolizes a timeless, enduring and magical hidden mountain garden where nature and people thrive in tranquility and wholeness. It is a place of magical-seeming architectural wonders that are blended into the wild spirit of natural beauty that is rich with life and the bounty that springs forth from ancient wisdoms that teach, if one listens, the ways to live on in peace, protected from the turmoil and karma of civilization. Shambhala is about the life-sustaining deep peace of authentic wealth. These enduring ways are rooted in simple appreciation of how things are and what is real, true and simple. The wisdom of Shambhala is imbued with lasting appreciation for what is truly satisfying and sustaining in our life, our spirit, our health and our peace of mind.  It is the tangible and down to earth knowledge and actions for genuine value and how to create it, appreciate it and sustain it.    Why Shambhala? ....


Shambhala Village