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5) LAMINATED FERROCEMENT SLAB – Overview of procedure with graphic.  The water tank had a proper LFC slab on blue foam but I need to find those photos. a) LFC Procedure – b) New Ferrocement Shell (Repeat of New Shell) c) Leveling Pad – c.i) Retaining Wall ( Both Retaining Wall and Spanning Ground subjects are discussions within this page titled (Leveling Pad) and not separate pages. c.ii) Spanning Ground d)  Blue Foam Base – This will detail how to interface the blue foam with the compacted subgrade. e) Top Foam with hydronic heating – This discusses the design of the top layer of foam that has contains the hydronic heating and supports the expanded metal lath fabric carpeting above as a starting point for the Laminated Ferrocemnt Process. f) Manifold Placement – how to Service a leaky line and Circuit Layout Design of hydronic heating on a floor plan.
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