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  3) FOR NOW go HERE>  Bell Column Dome Process – (description of Bell Column Dome Process and advantages for adaptable structure and overcoming some building code obstacles. a)  Truss Design – Visual of Truss Design showing visual of block-frame section followed by surface reinforcing. (The Quick Version we Have) a.i) Block Frame Close Up illustrating 3-D visual of Block Pattern  - (Whole Block, Half Block, Half block, half-block, whole-block)  This should be a stand-alone Graphic that is framed by the discussion of only the block pattern. a.ii) Surface Reinforcing Close Up – This illustration can just go on top of the 3-D block frame but have the 3-D aspect of the background blocks fade to a simple faded version to better focus on the surface reinforcing pattern.  It should focus on a 5 foot section of truss to illustrate the exact steel pieces used, how they overlap and how they make the ‘No-Slip’ connection to the adjacent pieces and block frame below.  Two illustrations should be done on one segment being a 7 foot radius section and the other being a 14 foot radius section to illustrate how the radius curve effects the overlap layout on the trusses. a.iii)  Truss Layout – Discusses design of Truss Layout from column to column and secondary trusses that all converge to make triangular pattern with about 8 to 12 Ft^2 in between each truss. a.iv) New Shell – Repeat Link a.v) Philosophy of Independence – a.vi) Solar Heated Garden Planters with INsul-Tank link and discussion. (also HIGH YEILD GARDENING LINK) (a.vi.1)  Biofuel Production (a.vi.1.a) Photobioreactor for Algae using Insul-Tank (a.vi.1.b) Biodigestor for ABE process (a.vi.1.c) BioButanol as 100 percent replacement for gasoline (a.vi.2) Planters for mushroom production – (a.vi.3) Planters for  (a.vi.4)  Temperature Regulated Rapid-Compost Bins- (a.vi.5)  Temperature and Humidity regulated Sprouting chambers. a.vii) Water Management a.viii) Water as Solar Thermal Batteries (a.viii.1) Insul-Tanks (link) and described here as used as Thermal Jackets for tote tanks/pallet tanks. (a.viii.2) Water Management Layout for heating, purifying and distilling water from rain catchments reservoir. b) Column Foundation Truss – Provides close-up of insulated foundation and Bell Column Design and the different ways that it flares into the outer awning.
Bell Column Dome Process
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